The Authority Strategy – Tactics To Ensure Success

Then we have the ‘authority strategy’. These are tactics to ensure success in everything that you do. Remember, right on CD2 you’ll be looking at and hypnotic rapport – what it is – this strange and very intense relationship between a
hypnotist and your hypnotic subject. And one of the powerful strategies involved in that is the ‘authority strategy’, which allows you to have the skewed position where people simply want to do what you ask them to do. This is very, very powerful and I think you’ll enjoy this section particularly much.

Creating covert trances by creating an unbroken flow of ideas

So the 1st stage to creating conversational hypnosis trances is to create an unbroken
flow of ideas.

Imagine, if you would, that you are on the top of a theme park water-slide. As you
slide down the water-slide, the water lubricates the ride down, and the curves are
gently enough so that wherever you go, gravity is taking care of everything.

You don’t have to do anything. You just slip, and slide, and enjoy the ride.
That is how your experience of covert hypnosis should be when talking to someone
else. It should be so smooth and so comfortable and so enjoyable, that they have
no reason to want to get off, because they’re enjoying the ride too much.

Principle 1: Verbal Agreement

So the 1st principle that you have to bear in mind, when using these incredibly powerful conversational hypnosis, is to maintain a form of verbal agreement.

It doesn’t mean that they have to say yes to everything you’re saying out loud.
But they must be able to agree with it at some level. So that one thought or idea
seamlessly moves onto the other.

That creates a kind of flow, that’s very, very compelling for them to follow on to.
Principle 2: Plausibility

Now one way to do this is to use ‘patterns of plausibility’.

As a rule of thumb, the more someone is in trance, the less plausible your suggestions need to be.

But the more their conscious critical awareness is in place, the more you must
satisfy by making comments that seem very plausible.

For example, if I say to you, “Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining and it’s
warm outside. It’s a kind of day that children want to play in.”

These are all things that you can verify externally: You can look out your window
and see the sun shining. You can feel the warmth on your own skin. And maybe
you can even see children outside playing.

So these are all things you have to agree with because they are just verifiable

However, now that we have established this, we can begin to add something to
the mix which may or may not be true, but is just plausible enough that you’ll
probably go along with it because it seems easier to do so.

The five reasons why you should use SEO tools in 2017

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